Kate C.

“My husband and I had dinner on the patio on Friday evening and enjoyed everything! We started with drinks and the chili shrimp. We really like how the shrimp were nice and crispy! My husband had the salmon special and he ate the whole dinner! I didn’t taste his dish but it looked delicious! I chose the panang curry noodles with medium heat and enjoyed the dish very much!”

Facebook Review

Amy K.

“We had the pad Thai with veggie and red curry with tofu. Both were excellent. His was very spicy imo and it was the medium hot spice level. But it was very flavorful and my pad Thai was low medium spicy and also had a good heat level. Our server was really great and attentive. I had them pack up my leftovers and cat wait for lunch tomorrow!!”

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Open Table Review

“The food was terrific. Just the right level of heat for everyone’s individual taste. The ginger tea adds the perfect accent to the meal. Special accommodations to food needs and allergies were easily and gladly suggested and done. Service is always stellar! With an evening stroll after dinner around the Promenade, the night was perfect! Please tell Ben he was an awesome server!”

Open Table Review

“Delicious dishes, excellent service, and unique drinks specialty. Our favorite place to dine for all special occasions in the Lehigh Valley. Best Thai food! Erica was great and the entire staff was excellent with the extra attention to detail and service”

Bill Thompson

“Our food was amazing and server Erika B was super attentive and had superior knowledge of the food, spicy parings, and drinks. Great experience tonight!”

January 7, 2014

“Byron and his staff make the best drinks! Their repertoire is vast and they are always coming up with new and delicious concoctions.”

Mary Mozloom Davis

“Fantastic food, nice ambiance, indoor & outdoor seating, great selection & friendly staff. Although we didn’t visit the bar or order alcoholic drinks, the bartender was nice enough to say hello as we walked in. Looks like a well stocked bar. Erica, our server was very knowledgeable about the various dishes and options, which were somewhat new to us. She was very professional & courteous. There were 4 of us dining last night and we all enjoyed different appetizers and delicious Thai meals.. Wonderful first time experience! We’ll be back!”

November 4, 2014

“This is hands down one of my favorite Thai restaurants. The service is always wonderful and food is out of this world. The app portions are very large so you might consider sharing. I am vegan and they have several options on the menu that can be altered. Also, the head bartender is amazing and makes the best cocktails. They also have a great selection of craft beers. He is always willing to answer questions.”

Joel S.

“An amazing dining experience for my wife and I. Definitely in the top of the Thai places we have been to throughout the US. Fantastic service by a long time server there who knows the menu, and had spot on recommendations. Good cocktail list (each martini can be made as spicy as you want). Wine list was above average as well. I enjoyed the “Prik King” and my wife the “Masaman Curry.” We would be back if just the service or the good were great, but with the combination of both, we will now be frequenting this place. Highly recommend giving this place a try.”


“We all ate at White Orchids the other night for some of the indisputably best Thai food in the Lehigh Valley. My dish was the Green Curry. It was my first time trying a new dish because I usually get the Panang Curry. I told them mild but I knew it would have a little kick to it and it did. Be prepared for a little bite to your food when you eat here. They let you choose Tofu, Chicken, Beef or Seafood. I chose the Tofu and it’s usually prepared pretty soft so if you only like your tofu firm this might now be your best option. Perhaps if you request it to be more firm the could throw it in a pan. I know they can because there is an appetizer on the menu called “Vegan Tofu Appetizer” where tofu seems to be baked. Also very delicious! I really enjoyed our night at White Orchids and have a great time whenever we decide to go. It’s a place where you can dress up or dress down with a very cozy atmosphere. We went on a Thursday night and the place was pretty packed. I know if you decide to try it on a weekend night you should really make reservations. I have tried a couple other Thai places here in the Valley and I would have to say W.O is by far my favorite!”


“I went for the Pad Kee Mao. I love their noodles with the thick, soft texture and the wide rice noodles they use here set the bar high. I can’t eat them without talking about wanting to jump into a pool of them. Even if you don’t want to swim in pasta, the flavor combination really pops. The veggies and tofu are sauteed to a soft crisp, and the sauce is flavorful and clean. Thai basil used this way is very different from the basil that I’m used to in Italian dishes. This is the dish that’s so good it prevents me from trying anything else.”

Hitplay G.

“WO has some of the best thai food I’ve had. I usually get a curry bowl but the pad thai is great too. The summer rolls are a must–very fresh. I usually try to bring a dd so I can take advantage of the amazing booze selection. Can’t wait to go back.”

Robert J.

“My wife and I and another couple went to White Orchid. The food was great. We where seated immediately. You should make a reservation. A couple in front of us without a reservation had to wait an hour. Be hungry when go. A lot of good food.”

Josi G

“This is a great restaurant for a date. It has a nice atmosphere and very good food. Unfortunately it is no longer BYO which used to be a perk. One of the best Thai restaurants in the Valley.”

R. Jones

“Every time I come to White Orchids it is better than the last time. Other than the one Americanized dessert I ordered (mistake) everything has been fantastic. They’ve changed their menu a bit since opening – they no longer have lunch specials. They’re always busy for dining, reservations a couple days in advance is recommended for weekend dining. The service is always excellent, highly recommended!”

Shari D.

“Let me start off by saying that I’m from California, and I’ve lived in both Northern and Southern California. We have AMAZING Thai food, which I miss dearly. That being said, this will be my new go-to place for the flavors that I miss… basil, garlic, chilies… good quality ingredients, made the way I like it! The Pad Se-Ew was just right… the Tom Yum was also delicious, and made the way I like. Don’t ask for it above medium hot, though… the chili oils sit on the soup and burn the hell out of your mouth! The Tom Kha was a bit more milky than I’m used to, but it was still tasty, and I liked the different mushrooms they put in there. Yes, it’s more expensive than Thai food I would order in CA, but at least it’s made deliciously, and the service we had was great, to be honest. Everyone was professional and courteous. The setting is lovely, the wine list very diverse and with some real winners on there, too. I’ve tried three other Thai restaurants in the Lehigh Valley, and none of them were up to my standards for delicious, typical Thai flavors. I don’t care if they were cheaper, they just didn’t do it for me. I’m really happy that I finally got my hot, Thai injection that I’ve soooo been craving! And I didn’t have to go all the way to New York to do it!!”

Pracheta T.

“I have never had a bad experience here. I love that there is a separate vegan menu and the food is always super tasty. The people who work there are extremely friendly and the owner is almost ALWAYS there. It’s trendy and family friendly but also great for a date or going with your friends. There are good Thai places in the valley but I always enjoy coming here because of the food, the atmosphere and the location.”

John F.

“Very good and fresh food! Seafood dishes are wonderful, and curry bowls are very tasty. For appetizers, the Thai corn fritters with plum dipping sauce are amazing! Upon each visit we were seated immediately without reservation, and the service is always spot on. The owner takes the time to come over and say hello whenever he sees me and my girlfriend.”

Brian S.

“Favorite sit-down Thai Restaurant in Lehigh Valley area. Big fan of the curries which are a bit richer than a lot of the other curries I have had at other places. The Spicy Thai Basil stir-fry and fresh summer rolls are killer too. Place is very trendy inside and prices are pretty reasonable. It is BYOB, but they just instituted a $5 corkage fee, which really stinks. I stopped taking any B since this was imposed. Place fills up quick so make a reservation to be safe. I usually get here at least once a week.”

Miss Amanda

“Great dinner, very nice staff and owner. I had the paradise cashew dinner…yummy!… very good pear sakitini too.”


“I get the Pad See’ew almost every time I eat here. Now and again I’ll experiment with a curry dish (for the record: every curry dish at White Orchids is phenomenal) but there’s something about the Pad See’ew that I just can’t get enough of. I’ll second Jamie’s notion of wanting to jump into a pool of these noodles and roll around. They’re seriously delicious. The crisp veggies and shrimp went so well with the noodles, and everything was sauteed in a mild, slightly sweet sauce with a little garlicy bite to it. Yum. 5 stars.”


“I switch between panang curry (usually with tofu) and spicy basil fried rice (usually with shrimp) and both are exceptional. I already gushed about White Orchid in my previous post, so I won’t bore everyone, but both are exceptional. Usually we go for an appetizer, the tofu app is simple, but amazing. Also, the summer rolls are refreshing and flavorful. If I am hungry I almost always go for tom yom soup, which has fantastic spice and depth of flavor. Really I have tried all the curries (best green curry I’ve ever had), most of the apps, and a few of the soups and I have never been disappointed.”

White Orchids Thai Cuisine

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