Pad Thai & Curries

Not many Thai restaurants will detail out specifics of their product. Fresh, locally-sourced, extra-firm, tofu. Fresh hand-cut vegetables. Fresh hand-cut chicken breast (not flour battered chicken thigh). Fresh seafood delivered two to three times a week straight from Philadelphia.

Our ingredients for Pad Thai food include

top shelf imported THAI product such as crab/shrimp paste, tamarind juice, and fish sauce

Street cart Pad Thai ingredients may include brown sugar, paprika, soy sauce, sriracha, silky soft tofu, etc. Ours include none of that. Like shopping, always be the careful consumer. Look at what each restaurant has to offer through the details and descriptions. We state in our Thai food menu that we use no msg/ no trans—fat as well as listing our base ingredients. Many Asian restaurants cannot say the same.

Quality Is Key

High quality coconut milk is also KEY for curries. Our curries produce a rich, smooth flavor that blends savory with spice. Many curries elsewhere are almost always more water-based in which spice tends to overwhelm and a blending of flavors does not occur. We use the best ingredients that one can use in Thai cuisine. We won the best NEW restaurant in the Lehigh Valley when we first opened. We just recently won the best Gluten-free menu in the Lehigh Valley in 2015. Most importantly we’ve won the best Thai restaurant in the Valley. EVERY YEAR. Trust the ingredients.