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How White Orchids is Bringing Asian Fusion to 2022

Our fixed menu explores traditional Thai food with a twist, but how does White Orchids continue to push the boundaries of Asian fusion? Our specials!

A Familiar Fusion

When most people think of Asian fusion, they imagine traditional Asian dishes with a western influence. But what happens when you take a popular dish from a different country in Asia and add a Thai twist? Our Prow Ramen Bowl, the special for late December 2021 answers that question. Leave your expectations at the door because this dish will blow you away, adding and subtracting from the traditional recipe to focus on flavor and fresh ingredients that a beautiful mixture from Japan and Thailand.
The sauce almost feels like it’s inside the noodles without compromising on flavor, bringing Pad Thai elements into the traditional Japanese dish and keeping similar elements such as green onion, shiitake mushrooms, and an egg that’s fried over easy as opposed to the standard medium or hard-boiled.

Mix and Match Your Way

We keep your options open. At White Orchids we provide the base recipe for our traditional dishes and let you choose what to add. Keep your dish vegetarian or add chicken, shrimp, an egg, or more – it’s up to you! Our Price Prow Ramen comes with pork belly, pork sausage, corn, snap peas, bell pepper, onion, and a fried egg but if you’re a pescatarian feel free to replace the pork for shrimp and crab! Keeping it veggie? Add an additional egg for a delicious protein-packed palate. The most important choice you’ll make at a Thai restaurant depends on how you handle your spice – mild, medium, medium-hot, or hot!! Our mild spice is exactly as it sounds, perfect for those not accustomed to eating spicy food and adding just enough heat to give the dishes exactly the bump it needs to elevate your taste buds. If you’re looking looking for a real burn, don’t be afraid to choose the medium-hot or hot options!