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Mango and Thai Cuisine – A Spring Staple


First grown around 4000 years ago in Tamil Nadu, India, the mango slowly spread through south-east Asia, Australia, East Africa, and South and Central America. A cornerstone of Thai culture, mangoes are used for medicinal purposes to reduce fevers, stomach aches, and clean wounds along with being a very tasty snack.


Mangoes and Spring

Mango season includes late March through July, encompassing all of spring and part of summer. As a tropical fruit, mangoes are thriving from the increased rainfall and heat; vendors rush to the streets, selling raw mangoes to tourists and locals passing by and local restaurants highlight their mango dishes to celebrate the season.

Types of Mangoes

Thai mangoes may not be exactly what you expect to see in the supermarket here in the United States. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and fragrances. Nam Dok Mai mangoes are known for their light yellow peels and their thick, golden-yellow flesh; emitting a sweet fragrance that’s as recognizable as their huge size and strange, long Sharpe with a sharp end. This is the most popular variety in the country!

The Ok Rhong Damnoen variety of mango is famously used in the local favorite mango with sticky rice dishes. These mangoes have a rich orange tint to their flesh and are extremely sweet and flavorful.

Mango Dishes

At White Orchids, we bring Thai fusion to the Lehigh Valley. As spring makes certain fruits and vegetables more widely available, we love to take this time to use mango in our dishes! We recommend the Tropical Seafood Salad with fresh mango, onions, cucumber, and seafood — transporting you to a tropical paradise. We also offer the White Orchids’ Corn Fritters topped with sweet plum chutney, mango, scallions, and more!
Our specialties also include our Mango Curry Roast Duck with sweet and spicy curry, fresh mango, coconut milk, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, zucchini, and served with a side of semi-sweet coconut rice. This dish features many of the essential cornerstones of our cuisine and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed by all the new flavors. Not sure what to try first? Book a reservation at White Orchids Thai Cuisine in Center Valley today and we’ll be happy to help you choose a dish you’ll enjoy!