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The Highest Quality Thai Cuisine Around

White Orchid Thai Restaurant is one of the best places to try out if you seek the highest quality Thai cuisine in or around the Lehigh valley! Located within the promenade shops in Center Valley, we are just a hop, skip, and a jump from all major highways. Our excellent menu and perfect location allow us to offer the best dining experience for miles in any direction. Read on to see why we have so much pride in our food!

We use locally sourced food as much as possible. The time it takes to transport food and not knowing where it comes from can seriously degrade the quality of a restaurant’s food. Not here, we make sure we only use the finest products every time.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide authentic taste without adding harmful chemicals or unneeded flavoring like msg. We always want our customers to leave happier and healthier than when they came in, so we also use no trans-fats and state all of our ingredients in our menu. Many restaurants wouldn’t dare to make that information public.

Fresh seafood. Seafood can make or break a restaurant, so we keep fresh shipments coming in multiple times per week. There is no honor in cooking weeks-old frozen seafood and passing it off as fine dining. Here, fresh and high-quality meals mean everything to us, and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces enjoying these high-quality products.

Our attention to detail and ability to provide the customer with what they truly want is why we have received such accolades as; the best Thai restaurant in the Lehigh Valley every year and the best gluten-free menu in the Lehigh Valley. We stand by our food, ingredients, and skills while attempting to provide you with the best dining experience possible. We hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully it inspired you to come out and try some delicious Thai cuisine at the incomparable White Orchid Tahi Restaurant!

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